How does decay time work? (Unturned)

The decay time is a way to reset broken or abandoned bases. This is executed when the owner of a base has not been connected for 4 days. There are several ways to stop the decay time; one is by placing an industrial generator, this gives a 300m range of decay protection, claim flags provide a range of 200m and oxygenators provide a range of 250m and finally beds that give a range of 10m.

How do I obtain perks? (Unturned)

Perks are obtained by killing players, to be able to keep track of your kills you must log in to the web with your steam account, and in your profile you can see your statistics and the perks that you have unlocked, another way to see them is by typing "/perks" in game. Perks are automatically enabled when you reach the amount of kills needed; if they don't try reconnecting to the server or kill someone or contact an admin. click me for learn more about perks

How do I get in touch with the administrators? (Unturned)

There is only way to contact an admin via our discord community There you will find a channel called #ticket, click it, and then react the icon 📨 and consider writing your problem. Then all you have to do is wait for an admin to respond, thank you :-)